Get beautiful brows in 5 minutes

Brows are super important, they frame your face and make you ‘be seen’

So if your brows are out of control or not really there at all read on…

My first tip is that your brows don’t have to be the same. That’s right, they are sisters not twins!

Buy a brow pencil with a spoolie brush on the end and brush through them, then fill in where there are gaps. If they are unruly use a clear brow gel or even a little hairspray on a mascara wand to comb them into place.

If your brows are sparse and you need to draw them in, but aren’t sure how to create the shape then watch the video below where I go through the three step approach to brow mapping.

And there you have it, my super easy tips to have the most natural brows!

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Niki Simpson